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In 2015, the Indiana General Assembly passed House Enrolled Act 1003. This legislation calls for an independent study committee on redistricting reform. The LWVIN has partnered with Common Cause Indiana to create a state wide coalition calling for real redistricting reform in Indiana. The coalition partners include: Hoosier Environmental Council, Citizens Action Coalition, ACLU, NAACP, Indiana Farmers Union, Jobs for Justice and Moral Mondays. The Special Interim Study Committee on Redistricting has been appointed and the members include: Chair, Rep. Jerry Torr; Vice Chair, Sen. Brandt Hershman; Sen. Timothy Lanane; Sen. Patricia Miller; Sen. Karen Tallian; Rep. John Bartlett; Rep. Justin Moed; Rep. Kathy Richardson; Lay Members - Ted Boehm; Beverly Gard; Sheila S. Kennedy; Tom Sugar

Here is a helpful list of contact information for the committee members

2017 Proposed Redistricting Legislation

HB1014 is the primary redistricting reform bill the LWVIN is following. HB1014 is co-authored by Speaker Brian Bosma and Rep. Jerry Torr and follows the Interim Study Committee's recommendation. SB 136, SB278, and SJR2 basically follow HB1014 and may or may not receive a hearing in the Senate. Strategically, HB1014 is the one to watch!


Update on HB1014

Thank you to everyone who called Speaker Bosma, Rep. Milo Smith, and/or their own Representatives on HB 1014.

You did it!

HB1014 has just been added to the House Elections & Apportionment Committee schedule for Feb. 15 at 3:30pm in the Rm 404!! (It was moved from Rm 156.)

Your phone calls, tweets, and emails MADE THE DIFFERENCE!

Rally on the east steps of the Statehouse tomorrow at 2:30pm and/or show up at the committee hearing at 3:30pm. We need to send a clear message that we want HB1014 to pass out of committee. We want redistricting reform NOW!

1.) The Indiana Coalition on Independent Redistricting WILL host the Citizen Lobbyist Training Day as planned for Feb. 15. (Note: The event is at capacity and sold out!)

2.) ALL proponents of redistricting reform are encouraged to gather on the east steps of the Statehouse at 2:30pm to rally in support of HB 1014. (Signs are welcome, but note signs mounted on sticks are not allowed inside the Statehouse.)

3.) Everyone is also encouraged to turn out for the 3:30pm meeting of the House Elections and Apportionment Committee in Rm. 156 of the Statehouse. Heard or not heard, we want the Committee and the entire Statehouse to know we're watching!

Thank you again for your dedication to meaningful redistricting reform in Indiana! Keep up the good fight!

Contact Info for Speaker Bosma and Rep. Smith:

Brian Bosma, Speaker of the House | District 88 Contact Information Legislative Assistant: Chris Kulik Phone: 317-232-9677 | 1-800-382-9841

Milo Smith, Representative | District 59 Contact Information Legislative Assistant: Luke McNamee Phone: 317-232-9620 | 1-800-382-9841

After you call Speaker Bosma and Representative Smith, we ask that you also call your own Representative and share your concerns about the bill not getting a hearing.

Familiarize yourself with the Election Committee members of each chamber. If a committee member is from your district, let them know you will be following legislation for redistricting reform and support the establishment of a citizen-led, independent commission to draw congressional and legislative maps.

Click here to see members of the Senate Election Committee and here for the House Election and Apportionment Committee.

Recommendation from the Special Interim Study Committee on Redistricting

The final meeting of the Special Interim Study Committee on Redistricting was held on Monday, October 17, 2016. Thanks to the leadership of Rep. Jerry Torr, a recommendation passed by a vote of 8-3 calling for the establishment of an Independent Redistricting Commission. Rep. Torr's leadership and commitment to the study committee process is deeply appreciated. For a summary of the redistricting process, click here. For a PDF copy of the Interim Study Committee on Redistricting's Final Report, click here.

LWVIN Position on Redistricting

The LWVIN Position on Redistricting

Indiana restudied its positions on Redistricting in 2012-2013. The position was expanded and adopted by the LWVIN Board of Directors in July, 2013.

The Position: An independent nonpartisan commission should determine voting districts in the state of Indiana. A commission should be constituted so as to preclude electoral benefit to any individual or political party.

Districts should be compact and contiguous. They should respect existing political and geographical boundaries, such as cities and counties.

The drawing of districts should consider factors such as ethnicity, language, socio-economic background and location. Political affiliation or past voting record should not be considered.

Incumbency should not be considered.

Within the parameters of the federal Voting Rights Act, population size should be one of several factors considered when drawing districts.

Transparency is of the utmost importance. All meetings of the commission should be public, and maps, records, transcripts and data should be available to the public. Adequate opportunities for public hearings should be provided, including review of the final plan.

The commission should provide written justification for the final district boundaries.

Restudied 2012-2013 Expanded and Adopted by LWVIN Board of Directors, July 2013


The LWVUS Redistricting Task Force has developed a wealth of useful articles and additional resources you can find here

Also, see:

LWV Indiana Redistricting FAQ


LWV Indiana Redistricting Glossary

If you need a quick resource to explain redistricting and the work of the Interim Study Committee, this Power Point presentation has been very helpful. There are just a few slides and you can present it in 15 minutes or less. There are a few `speaker's notes' for some of the slides to help with the presentation, so be sure to check out the `view notes page' if you need a few helpful hints on how to talk about the slides. If you have any questions, contact Debbie Asberry at

Drawing a Line for Democracy: Resources to help you take action.

Leagues around the State have been asking their local governmental bodies ( mayors, city councils, chambers of commerce, etc.) to sponsor a Redistricting Resolution to show support for an Independent Redistricting Commission.

Model language for such resolutions can be found here..

Our own LWV of the South Bend Area has developed a fantastic tri-fold flyer to help with education efforts surrounding the importance of redistricting. A color version can be found here. A black and white version can be found here

Learn more about why removing legislators from the redistricting process is critical for protecting Democracy. Watch this short movie "Gerrymandering 101"

Compiled by our League of Greater Lafayette of clips from Jeff Reichert's movie from Green Film Company. Learn more about the entire movie here